Cobblestone QR Code 2

Here is another video about some excellent cobblestone QR Codes from Portugal. You can actually scan the QR Code 46 seconds into the video, scan the QR Code displayed on the phone/ The QR first QR Code decodes to, which take you to an excellent mobile web site in Portuguese and English with audio of the installation!

  • The idea was simple; make a QR Code, one of the most innovative technologies of the 21ST CENTURY, with paving stones, one of the oldest Portuguese traditions.The fusion of technology and tradition (English)
  • Ideia era simples; fazer um QR Code, uma da mais inovadoras tecnologias do SEC XXI, com pedras de calçada portuguesa, uma das mais antigas tradições portuguesas.Da fusão da tecnologia e da tradição (Portuguese)

Source: YouTube

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