QR Code Art Race in Hong Kong

A scavenger hunt inspired race involving Social Media technology for Art on Wednesday, February 15 at 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM. This all inclusive Art race throughout Hong Kong aims to engage the Next Generation to appreciate Art and to lower the threshold of going into the Art Galleries in Hong Kong. The QR code Art Race is to go from art gallery to art gallery by using your smart phone QR code reader. The QR codes shows information about the art work and the location of Art gallery plus the next stop in the race.

From socialmediaweek.org: “Scavenger hunt inspired Art race that takes you from gallery to gallery. Bring your Smart phone with a QR code reader application. We will kick off at the Plum Blossoms Gallery at 18.00pm. Learn more about Social Media Platforms from our expert Guest speaker Ashton Wong from BackZtage.

And then you are off for the Art race! Find the gallery, Spot the artwork with your QR code reader, get your picture taken with a renowned Hong Kong artist, Scan for more information and for a clue to your next destination. We will be waiting for you with nice drinks and munchies. Finish the Art race and celebrate the event at the “finishing” gallery (found out during the Art race) with even more nice drinks and finger food.

If you have an interest in Art but do not know where to start, this is your event to find out more!”

Event Host: Design Network Asia

Design Network Asia is a unique platform for creative talents preparing for the creative sector in Hong Kong. DNA represent a range of creative talents in design ranging from graphic design, product design, illustration, photography, communication design and many other fields within the design industry.


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