Walk Raleigh project QR Codes

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The cardboard and vinyl signs contained snippets about how many minutes it would take to walk to must-see destinations like Raleigh City Cemetery, as well as QR codes for downloading directions. Check out the BBC video and their FaceBook page..

The initial guerrilla (unsanctioned & self initiated) wayfinding project has turned into a KickStarter Project, only a few days left to help fund this project!

What? An open-sourced online resource for anyone to auto-magically create their own guerrilla wayfinding sign to export, print and install. (We hope to add community feedback/dialogue to the platform if there is strong enough support)

Why? Walk Raleigh, our initial guerrilla (unsanctioned & self initiated) wayfinding project, has resonated with so many people, both home and away (even the BBC came to town!), we had to make it accessible for more and more people. It has even been adopted as a pilot educational program in Raleigh, N.C.

Source: Engadget & KickStarter

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