QR Code Fused Glass Art

Fused Glass QR Code Art
Fused Glass QR Code Art

Michigan Artist Nina Cambron has created three awesome fused glass QR codes:

  1.  The “Clicqit #1” QR Code is a 365 phrase assortment of quotes, affirmations & advice that changes every 24 hours. Some funny, some inspirational, a different thought to start the day.
  2. The Clicqit #2″ QR Code is our Fortune Teller code – a constant randomly changing dialog of yes, no, maybe & other similar responses to all those burning questons!
  3. The “Clicqit #3” QR Code has a  Laughing Toddler audio file!

Check out her web page for more information:  www.ninacambron.com! If you are into QR Codes, purchase one now before they are all gone. A great way to show what a QR code is capable of doing. I like that the messages on two of the art works are not static, she is using a technique similar to the one I outline in my QR Code URL post, only she is using audio files, giving inspiration or  foretelling the future!

Source: www.ninacambron.com

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