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NFC – QR Code Trail Post Experiment

One year ago I decided to try placing a NFC token/QR Code sticker on a local nature trail I like to hike with my dog. The trail has good cell phone signal everywhere and is located by our local high school. I used to make a short URL to the Nature Trail web site. I purchaesed the NFC token from and created the QR Code using a Brother P-Touch Printer . One year later and the combination looks NEW, I can not believe how well the QR Code sticker has held up to a harsh Michigan winter and summer! I am also amazed that the NFC token was not removed by anyone, I simply attached it to the 4×4 sign post below the nature trail sign. Scan the code to see what page it loads.


Over one year of harsh Michigan weather!




This would be a great way to add NFC/Qr Codes to nature trails, parks, zoos and more very economically without damaging or altering existing signs.


Cool Schools: Using QR codes to teach gardening

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SPRINGFIELD, Va. (WUSA9) — Sometimes one of the most effective ways to learn something is to teach it to someone else. Fifth graders at Sangster Elementary created digital presentations to teach kindergartners about gardening. They learned how to plant certain vegetables and flowers in a real garden behind the school.


QRCArtist‘s insight:

After students finished their concept they created a QR code to link their presentation to a video or website.

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