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Android Phones – built in QR Code Reader

The built-in Google Search widget can decode QR codes! Android Phones have a built in QR Code Reader. Google Goggles reads QR Codes and is also integrated with the Google App for iOS devices.

To scan a QR code, you need to tap the microphone icon inside the Google Widget and then choose “Search with Camera” option from the menu available in the lower right corner.


Now point your mobile camera to any QR Code, tap the on-screen camera icon and it will instantly reveal what’s stored in that QR Code. You’ll also find Google search results for the decoded QR Code.

I have tried this on Nexus, Samsung and Motorola phones running Android 4.2.2 (JellyBean).

Tested on the iPhone5 too!, Select Google Voice search, tap the camera icon and take a photo of the QR Code!

3 Best Practices for Creating Reliable QR Codes

Great Video, my local TV station WZZM 13 created a new WZZM-TV iPad app and created a new QR Code with their logo. they placed in a new TV ad to download the app. The graphic designer removed the quiet zone, so I could not scan it with my iPad no matter how hard I tried. Their original ad with a simple QR code works fine, see it here Original WZZM 13 QR Code TV Ad.

Here is my white WZZM 13 app QR Code:



Photo QR Code generator

Found my new favorite photo based QR Code generator; Easy to use, allows photos in background, foreground or as logos. The free Basic plan allows the creation of 10 QR Codes. Their paid plans offer many more features, including tracking location of scans, at a very reasonable price.

Photo by


QR Code Art Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial is designed for NSW Stage 5 Photography & Digital Media students. It demonstrates how to make digital images using QR Code brushes in photoshop. For more information about the task go to

The image above was created using techniques presented in the tutorial. It is of the author’s friend who is a musician. If you can scan the top right QR code it will take you to her website. The author forgot to add the necessary border element in the scannable QR code,so it is very hard to scan.


Wynwood Arts Initiative Foundation QR code project

This video shows what they are doing .. please support the foundation: buy your QR code today for a tax deductible donation of $30.. and be part of history and the Guiness book of world records.

 Source: YouTube brings virtual stores to Finland

Press Release:  ”HELSINKI (7th June, 2012) – Digital Foodie, a Finnish startup based in Helsinki, has been working together with the Helsinki Co-operative Society Elanto of S Group, to turn the walls of some of the busiest commuter locations in the capital into virtual stores. On Monday 4th June, the walls came to life with virtual displays of a selection of products with barcodes which customers can scan using and get home delivery. Orders made before 3pm can be delivered the same day.

“Finns love their mobiles and technology that makes their everyday-lives easier. Now with the virtual stores, users can order food while waiting for the metro or tram for example. S Group has been running personalised online stores with Foodie’s technology for a while now and the new virtual store is a natural extension to their service,” explains Kalle Koutajoki, CEO of Digital Foodie.”

It looks like is using QR Codes to download the application to the mobile device and then using UPC barcodes for the actual ordering process.


amber TABLE – Advertising on tables

amber TABLE – Advertising on tables

amber TABLE is the combination of table and a high quality advertisement. Using a large motif and average contact time of about 18 minutes, amber TABLE achieves very good advertising recall values at reasonable media prices.
The integration of interactive elements such as QR codes, Augmented Reality and NFC chips can extend the experience of the target group to their phone and allows a direct measurement of success of the campaign.
AMBERMEDIA is currently building networks from different target groups for amber TABLE. These include food courts in shopping centers, coffee-to-go outlets, bakeries, restaurants, highway, airports, sports venues and much more.