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This is our QR Code Art Gallery based on the excellent Flikr QR Code Art Group. If you want your QR Code Artwork to  be added to the gallery; simply join the Flikr QR Code Art group and upload you QR Code art. Our QR Code Art Gallery includes the Title you enter on the Flikr Photostream! Also check out our Art Gallery posts: Flickr QR Code Art Show and Flickr Qr Code Art Group SlideShow. C

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  1. Sunday 18/12/2011 I bought five artworks on paper from the artist KAN in the Culral Centre of Art in Bangkok on the second floor. The 4 little ones I lost. On the backside of these works stood his website and email adress. I can’t contact him. Is it possible for you to give his email , website or adres? Thank you in advance. P.H.van den Heuvel(NL now in HUA HIN)

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