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On my Mac I use the iQR codes – QR Code Art Studio – Marek Hrušovský to generate QR Codes, I really like the batch creation option (extra in-app purchase), check out my QR Code Bookshelf post and QR Code Bookshelf web site for an example of how I used the batch processing to make over 1000 custom QR codes in minutes. New feature: Create a  QR code and change the URL  later (Dynamic QR code generator), also gives 2 week tracking data! QR verification now provides better results. It is not free but worth every penny.

The following are the most interesting online QR Code Generators I have found.

My Multiple QR Code Generator – Create 100 QR Codes at a time! Shows how to make the QR Code programmable so they can point to different web pages! Check out my QR Code® URL page too!

QR CodeUnitag – this is my new favoriate, colors logo and more.  They also offer a Premium account with: SVG export, creation history, batch generation, analytics and more! Here is an inline version of their QR Code Generator,  be sure to vist their site!

QRhacker.com - Updated their generator, now allows custom colors, PHOTOS and more! check it out. The photo can either be the foreground, background or both, very cool QR Codes®!


Photo QR Codes - Found another photo based QR Code generator; Azonmobile.com. Easy to use, allows photos in background, foreground or as logos. The free Basic plan allows the creation of 10 QR Codes. Their paid plans offer many more features, including tracking location of scans, at a very reasonable price. Check out my post on this excellent QR Code generator.

WordPress QR Code Generator – Nice WordPress generator, simple QR code is free, you need a QR-token to generate a QR code (Custom-QR-Code) with your logo or the WordPress site can purchase a license to allow generation of QR Codes with logos. Do not forget the border, it is actually part of the QR Code and the code will not scan without a border.

Here you can upload images with .png, .gif or .jpg extension. Best choice is PNG with alpha transparency. The logo will be inserted in the middle of the Custom-QR-Code.

Your Logo Image:

QR Code
QR Code

QR Code

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are coded graphics, that can be read by current smartphones and tablets with the appropriate software. They form a bridge between the real and the virtual world. Nowadays it's hard to find advertisements without this code. With one scan you are directed to a website, a product video or a download link in the App Store. Receive immediately information or the content you want, without having to type a link. Complete Business cards are imported within seconds. Even pre-formulated, pre-addressed mail and SMS as well as free text messages can be transmitted. With the enormous range of practical applications QR Codes are continuously gaining importance.


Here you can customize your QR Codes with your logo, a photo, a smiley or a short promotional text. In this way you create a recognition and give a personal touch to the code, so to stand out from other competitors.

Your graphic is positioned centrally and may cover a maximum of 30%, less is recommended in any case, so that old scanner can read this.

You can upload your logo in PNG, GIF and as JPEG. We recommend PNG because here you can use alpha channel transparency. You can adjust the size of the logo with a slider. You should test in any case directly on the screen using a smartphone, whether the generated code is still working or if there is too many image content covered.

Important: For tests the content of the Custom-QR-Code is in some places illegible. To generate a Custom-QR-Code correctly, a QR-Token is required. You can get it for 4,99 €. You should use the QR-Token only when everything else suits you. The generated Custom-QR Code will be displayed on the website and we sent it by mail to the email address you entered by ordering. If you make a price comparison, you will find that this offer is extremely cheap. Typical prices for individualized QR Codes range from 50,- € to 100,- €.

The provider of the QR-Token is the company Hot-World GmbH & Co. KG. Payment is made securely through PayPal.

The use of Custom-QR-Codes is free of charge and royalty. You can use your generated Custom-QR-Codes for free for personal and commercial use as well as for printing.

 QR Code Generator 4 All 
1000 chars left

QR Code Info
Size: 200 px
Border: 0 px
Foreground Color:
Background Color:
Private and commercial use and printing are allowed.
"QR Code" is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED

Beautifulqrcodes.com – great variety of options, try it out below or click the link to vist the site:

QRStyler – Track Scan usage and lead capture. Every code and campaign can be easily tracked and compared to help you maximize results and increase efficiency.

QRCodeCity – allow you to make Rounded Blocks, custom colors and more! I use this for web URLs.

www.qr4.nl - This is the one I have the most fun with, they allow you to add animation, logos, colors and more. The service is provided as is, for testing and experimenting with QR code generation and decoding. These online tools are not intended for commercial or industrial use and restrictions apply.

Most QR code generators mentioned below support foreground and backgound colour changes as well as transparency and opacity.

Fun things to do with designer QR code generators

There are many other generators out there. The above are my top picks. Here is a list of other QR code generators:

  • CardSwapp - Create a business card QR code using their website or via their Card Swapp App.
  • ZXing – Simple to use interface (no advanced options).
  • Delivr – Another simple to use interface (no advanced options).
  • SnapMaze – Few types however allows color choices.
  • RACO – For advanced users, not very simple to use.
  • SparqCode – Simple to use however put their branding on the QR Code.
  • BeQRious – Simple and has many options. Allows you to put your logo into the code.
  • Bosqweb – Several options including social media.
  • AT&T Create-A-Code – Requires registration to use.
  • ConnectMe QR – Creates a mobile page with your contact info.
  • ItsMyURLs – Sort of the MySpace of QR codes.
  • Jumpscan – Creates a mobile page with all your contact and social info.
  • Kaywa – Simple. URL, Text, SMS and Phone only.
  • Likify – Creates a QR code that goes to a like button for your FB Page.
  • Mobilefish – Advanced QR code generator.
  • MyQR – Simple. URL, Text, Contact Card and Map only.
  • QReate & Track – Simple to use with plenty of info. Also allows for tracking.
  • Quickmark – Many options to choose from.
  • Qurify – Only does text. Nothing else.
  • SmallQR – Creates a short link QR code.
  • Social QR Code – Requires registration. Creates QR codes for social media.
  • SPARQcode – Many options. Also creates a social media box.
  • TapReader – Simple. Creates several commonly used items.
  • Tagginn – QR Code & MS TAG Generating with Tracking Analytics
  • Tag.cx – Offers a Free API
  • QR Pro – Profile Exchange, Reader and Creator of QR 2D Barcode Profession Version in iPhone ($1.99)

QR Code Scripts

customqrscript.com - Add a qr code generator to you web site, requires php.

onlineqrlab.com – PHP and JavaScript QR Code generators

QRickit  - Qr Code Widget and API

Please post below any QR code generators we may have missed and what makes them stand out. I will add these to the list as time allows.

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  1. Swapnil Jain

    Please add this Designer QR Code Generator as well : scanova.io/design-qr-code-generator.html. Apart from creation, it has options for adding various patterns, colors, gradient, etc

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  3. tfu13

    You can also use an iOS app, EmbedCodes, to do this. You select a photo on your device(or take one in the app), write your message and then drag and pinch to place it in the photo. You can customize the qr colors too which is great if you want to make it match your organizations colors. It also reads qr codes in images and it is free: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/embedcodes/id659239588

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