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Dr. Seuss ‘The Lorax’ QR Codes

Marketing materials for the impending release of the Dr. Seuss movie ‘The Lorax” have included quite a few QR Codes. Check out this AndroidSpin blog post for the very clever PR pitch if you are a Dr. Seuss fan

You can get the Official Android Dr. Seuss The Lorax app with these QR Codes:



Android Market

To use this app hold the phone up to your mouth and talk. The Lorax’s mouth and moustache will move along with your voice.

CauseTalk Radi Ep03;  talks about how major motion pictures are turning to cause marketing to launch new films, establish co-branding partnerships and increase promotional reach. They talk about how with the new Dr Seuss movie, The Lorax, environmentalists are crying foul.  Hear all this and more in episode Ep03 loaded by the following QR code (code made on our QR Code generator page):

books.google.com has a QR Code for the original Dr Suess The Lorax book:

Source: AndroidSpin, CauseTalkRadio, Google Books